1910 Christina & Robert Main


1910 Christina & Robert Main BarnhillJim Cochrane kindly shared this photo, adding, “This picture taken in 1910 is of Christina and Robert Main. They were Born at Barnhill in a house Roughly where 130 Broompark road is now.

They were My Gran Marshalls older sibblings . Christina was born on 10 June 1909 and lived untill she was almost 91, sadly Robert Died as an infant. He was born on the 29th May 1910 but died at only 8 months old on 25 Jan 1911. When my Gran Annie Baird Marshall (Main) was born in 1914 they had moved to Little Udston Farm. When my Gran Retired from Calderside Farm in 1976 she moved into her new house at 130 Broompark road where she lived untill her death in 2006.”

Always wanting to add a little more to a shared story, I found that whilst they may have been born at Barnhill, perhaps the memory of little Robert passing prompted another move, for before they went to Little Udston Farm, according to the 1911 census, little Christina, aged 2 was living with her parents in a 1 roomed house at 62 Broompark Road. This was a former tenement building adjacent to the railway, with Broompark Farm on the opposite side of the track. It faced out on to Springfield and housed several families. In 1910, the house was supplied by water from a tap outside and is pictured in that era on this highlighted map.

1910 map

In 1911, Robert Main was 29 years old, Janet was 24 and Christina was their only surviving child at that time.The census records that 1 of their children had passed away. Robert main was noted as being a carter, and employer of others. With the arrival of further children, in  such a small property, it is little wonder they moved.


Sidenote: Incidentally, my own aunt and uncle (MacFarlanes) now live at that address, albeit its now a modern home.

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Jim Cochrane The Forests at that same address would have been a sister and brother in law of Robert Main

Marian Maguire Annie Marshall, a really lovely woman, may she rest in peace .

Jim Cochrane Christina ,Annie and Jessie about 1990.

Jim Cochrane's photo.
Mary Marr Such a lovely woman who lived across from where my parents stayed

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