Childsplay 1959

Matthew McGuigan kindly shared these photos adding, “This is me and my then best friend John Haliburton in Blantyre public park in summer 1959 when we both lived on Craig Street. We moved to Millands Avenue the year after. Looks like I’m definitely wearing my big brother’s trousers though eh? I remember Mum telling me how good I looked in them and that I would grow into them but don’t think I ever did!”

1959 John Haliburton and Matt McGuigan public park

Perhaps you remember the floral displays at the park of Stonefield Public Park?

In the other photo again from 1959, John and Matthew are with Ann Duffy, outside Mr. Gibsons garage.

1959 Ann Duffy Matt McGuigan

On social media:

Graeme Allison Brilliant. John’s my brother in law & hasn’t changed much……Still the same height hahaha.

Colin Wotherspoon Did John work in Birds Eye walls in Bellshill

Colin Wotherspoon I remember a John Halliburton he was a good lad where and when is the problem

Helen Williams I remember John Haliburton from school.

Irene Dickman I was at school with John Haliburton and Anne Duffy

Emma Trevethan Remember John from school although think I was a bit older than him. X

Sheena Thomson Great photos Matt x

Matthew McGuigan Thanks Sheena, we may have always been skint but we were certainly happy cuz!

Cathy Harper Matt I remember you and your mum from Millands ave. You both gave me a lift one day in your lovely car. My maiden name is harkness and my mum still lives there with my brother.

Matthew McGuigan I remember you too, and Arthur!……………Small world 🙂

Catherine Campbell John is my Brother and yes he is the same height – hasn’t changed a bit. My family moved from Craig street to Hardie street where I was born. John still lives there.

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