Calderwoodglen Halt

Calderwoodglen Halt

Rare photo of Calderwoodglen Halt (from a series of Postcards)

We’re ever so slightly out of Blantyre Parish with this article, but it’s worth sharing, for this was the Station above and near Crossbasket, at the opposite end of the Greenhall Viaduct and should not be confused with High Blantyre Station which was further east.

Calderwoodglen Halt was a small platform built at the edge of the railway, directly opposite on the elevated position across from Allers Farm, near Stoneymeadow.

It was requested and constructed with the intervention of the SCWS (Co-op) in 1907, for their specific use of taking tourists down to Stomeymeadow and up to Calderwood Castle. SCWS built a small ticket office in 1907, which doubled as a small rain shelter. The sign on the platform, located on the south side of the railway line (which ran east to west) simply said “Calderwoodglen”. The line was suspended to passengers during WW1 and WW2 and both the line and platform are now no longer there.

Beyond the little building and person standing in this photo, was an immediate path to the left, which ran steeply down the hill coming out at a point between Allers and the Dalton Junction, on Stoneymeadow Road. Out the picture to the left about 20m away down the steep hill, is the former site of the fabled Crossbasket stone cross.

Thanks to Gordon Cook for a copy of the photo.

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Jim McSorley Fantastic piece of information had no idea it ever existed.

Jean McIntosh Driving down Stoneymeadow from East Kilbride, this week, I said to my friend “wouldn’t it be great if the railway still ran down this way”.

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