Andrew Reid – Blantyre Covenanter

Mr. Andrew Reid was a Covenanter from Blantyre who was caught and executed at Kirkton, High Blantyre.

After the Battle of Bothwell Bridge in 1679, the victorious government army published a list known as the “Fugitives roll.” One Blantyre mans name appeared on it, that of Mr. Andrew Reid, servitor to Robert Smillie at Blantyre Kirk, who was declared an “outlaw and a rebel.” Reid was eventually captured by the notorious Claverhouse and his troops and was executed outside his house in Kirkton, Blantyre, in front of his wife and children. His name also appears in a document called the “Cloud of Witnesses”, a list drawn up by the Covenanters containing the names of martyrs killed during the persecutions.

Stoneymeadow Cemetery

2014 Stoneymeadow Cemetery wall Sept. by PVeverka

It is said there are Covenanter graves in High Blantyre, on a burial mound just off Stoneymeadow Road. Pictured is the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.


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Jane Johnstone Many in Scotland today do not know about the Covenanters….thank you for this information, Paul👍

Betty McLean So interesting Paul

Christine Wallace Do you know anything about the Robert Smillie mentioned here? I’m descended from a long line of Robert Smillies!

The Blantyre Project Smillies still own land and live beside Blantyre kirk to this day. Being landowners of Blantyre, I hope to tell the story of their ancestry some time.

Ann Crossar That’s fascinating Paul. X

The Blantyre Project my next task for this is to find out which house he was executed outside in Kirkton! Its likely though his old house would have been gone by now and the task is made all more difficult by predating any census information.

Jean Hamilton My great grandfather was called Alexander Smillie he lived in Craig Street and owned property in Craig Street and other places in Blantyre think he had a butchers shop aswell

Jean Hamilton My grandmother was a midwife for many years in Blantyre her name was Nurse MacFarlane and her friend was Nurse McGhee does anyone remember them

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