Village Improvement Trust

The “Auchentibber Village Improvement Trust” was proposed and formed in early November 1915. This wartime organisation was to seek social and living standards improvement for the hamlet of Auchentibber and seek to bring it up to standard of Blantyre itself, particularly to address the problem of sewage in the area. A meeting was held in Auchenitbber School on Monday 1st November 1915.

Mr. James. B.H Struthers presided and after briefly eluding to the benefits that such an organisation would bring called upon Parish Councillor McInulty to make the opening address. Mr. McInulty was listened to with great attention from an audience largely comprising of Auchentibber residents and he pointed out the amenities in the village and how they could be improved upon. His statistics about Auchentibber caused much reflection by people when compared by the statistics and standards expected in Blantyre.

Pictured in my photo, is the venue for the meeting, the Auchenitbber old schoolhouse.

2015 Jan Auchentibber school by PV

2015 January Auchentibber School. (PV)

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