The Glebe, High Blantyre

The Glebe at High Blantyre is a relatively modern house, built in 1963 on the former site of Glebe Cottage, on Craigmuir Road, High Blantyre. It is large, built of brick and covered with white roughcast. It is one and half storeys with a pitched roof. The entrance is gated and there are some tall confiers along the western perimeter of the garden next to Craigmuir Road.

It is located on the former site of Glebe Cottages which were demolished sometime between 1951 and 1963. It is situated not far from Blantyre Old Parish Church and was built by the parents of Elizabeth and Brian Weaver, who grew up there. Elizabeth Weaver added, “My parents bought the land for our house (on the left of the brickie) from the NCB (National Coal board) and the railway authorities in 1962 – took a while to find out who owned which bits, as I remember. Glebe House was completed in 1963 and as far as I remember, the land was 2/3rds of an acre and derelict. I’m just thinking that when our parents decided to name the house The Glebe, they were aware that it wasn’t technically on glebe (church-owned) property – I assumed they’d just liked the fact that it bordered church land (that field between our house and the old manse, where the minister’s cows used to graze). However, it’s possible that my mother knew there had been a Glebe cottage near there at some point, since she was very much a High Blantyre girl. Incidentally, I see that our house now has another house in the garden – that’s a busy wee development up there now. In 1963, there was only the Russells’ cottage and us and then Hamilton Drive up the brickie. ”

Brian Weaver added, “There must have been something on the site of The Glebe previously, because there was a large concrete area where our garage was built, and the little garden wall across the drive from the front door was there before – it was revamped when the house was built. I’m sure it was referred to as the remains of an old washhouse”. The Glebe is still there today.

Note, this is not to be confused with a nearby property. In the grounds, built of a later date (perhaps 1970’s) is another home, a detached building of one and a half storeys made of a light coloured facing brick, and partially roughcast. It has a pitched roof with dark tiles and accessed from near the end of the current Craigmuir Road. It has a brick arch above the door, dormer windows on its left upper side and large substantial gardens. The small vehicle garage that sits beside this new house is located on the site of the former 2-storey sawmill office block, once belonging to Walker and Warnock.

Pictured and shared here by Elizabeth Weaver is The Glebe, at Craigmuir Road.

Elizabeth Weaver at The Glebe

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Elizabeth Weaver Have you seen this Brian Weaver Penny Weaver? The ole homestead 

Elizabeth Weaver I should add that our young brother and sister, Jonathan and Penny Weaver also spent their early years here before our parents sold The Glebe and moved to Criefff.

The Blantyre Project thanks Elizabeth – i will update the article on the main website

Penny Weaver No I haven’t been back to Blantyre for some number of years.

Elizabeth Weaver Time you went back for a look – we’ll go in May when you’re down x

Moira Todd I remember this so well, & the lovely wee shop your mum had on the the Main Street! My maiden name was Abbott, & my Dad had the Plumbers across from the Co op further along the street. My granny stayed in the cottages opposite your mum’s shop!……..happy days!

The Blantyre Project Maria – Thanks for your comment…. All I have for “Abbot the Plumber” is the following, so anything else you can tell me would be most appreciated.

Abbott, The Plumber – was a mid 20th Century plumbing business in High Blantyre’s Main Street. Located at Causeystanes on the north side of the street in a small single storey building with a pitched rood. The little garage type building had been home to 2 generations of plumbers, the first generation seeing Mr Abbott actually passing away in the workshop in 1953. His wife worked in the front office, which was heated by small paraffin stoves. The workshop was at the back. The Abbott’s lived in the small traditional cottages further down Main Street across from Cemetery Road, next to the Patersons Chemist. According to the 1930 Valuation roll, the workshop had address 260 Main Street with ground at number 262 and was owned by Matthew Abbot, who also had a house at 371 Main Street.

Elizabeth Weaver I remember Abbott the Plumbers too. And those cottages where your granny lived, Moira, was where our great granny used to live. Our mum loved her shop and her customers. They were happy days indeed!

Moira Todd That is all correct. Grandpa died in the November before I was born in 1954, which meant my dad took over the business. It eventually relocated to Hamilton & at one time had an electrical store in the village in East Kilbride.

The Blantyre Project thank you.

Irene Dickman I remember the house and the shop Mrs Weaver had. I used to buy all my sons clothes from the shop. Nice memories of coming to the house with my sister Violet Elder for a musical evening.

Elizabeth Weaver I think your mum used to buy your clothes there, and Violet Elder‘s too, Irene! Happy days for all of us. Hope all is well with you x

Irene Dickman I think you’re right. All is well with us thank you Elizabeth. X

Jane Kelly Great to hear the history of what we call home.

Elizabeth Weaver Hope you are as happy there as we were.

Elizabeth Weaver Our family have some old video clips which we must share at some point, Paul. Not great quality but shows the house and grounds as they were in 1963, with nothing but fields round about – and a few faces from the 60s! I’m get them edited so they can be shared online.

The Blantyre Project that would be wonderful Elizabeth.

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