Lamonds, Beecrofts & Mulhollands

Thank you to Maureen Mullholland- Byrne who sent me a lovely detailed message about her family members who once lived in Blantyre. Maureen now lives in Nova Scotia in Canada but has clearly researched her family in detail. Her message is below, which I think will be interesting to families with the names mentioned.

“Hi Paul, My family stopped for a bit in the late 1800 to WWII in Blantyre. They woked as farmers, weavers and miners. I have the Lamonds, Beecrofts, Mulhollands, Langs and Baillies in my family. My dad lived at 20 Maxwell Cres.until the war broke out. He immigrated to Canada in 1947. I believe his step mother and brother lived at the address until the mid 70s- 80s.

You mentioned you have some information on the Beecrofts? The Beecroft article will be very interesting as James Beecroft b) 1844 d) July 15, 1881 in the Mine disaster was my 2nd great grandfather. His son, James Beecroft b) 1878 was my great uncle and James Beecroft b) 1898 d 1959 was my first cousin, twice removed – I believe he was the councillor.

My 2 nd great Grandmother was Sarah McNeill Beecroft (James Beecroft) Whyte (Samuel Whyte) and her daughter, Cecilia Beecroft Lamond (William Lamond) was my great grandmother. My grandmother was Sarah McNeill Lamond Mulholland (David Mulholland)- she died in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1929.

My grandfather was David Mulholland b) 1892 d) 1945 Blantyre. His brothers, Thomas, Andrew, George and William immigrated to Canada beginning in 1903-1910 along with JB McLaughlin (family rumour is they were blacklisted for union activity.) They appear in the book, Company Store by John Mellor. I’ve attached the page that speaks about the brothers.

My grandfather, David was born in the housing for Blantyre Works – his father William Mulholland (married to Sarah Baillie) was a journeyman dyer until the mill closed down. He went into mining. Interesting, if you look at his children’s birth records, you can see his transition from dyer to miner. My grandfather is buried in High Blantyre cemetery along with his son, David Archibald Mulholland and his daughter, Sarah McNeill Lamond Mulholland Walton (Johnstone Walton)

My great Uncle Charles Baillie Mulholland died in WWI and his name is on the town memorial. My dad, and three other cousins were all named after Charles.

My great Uncle Andrew Mulholland, immigrated to Tasmania and lost his son, Andrew, in WWII. Andrew was taken a POW and was shot while trying to escape near Timor- 1942. Andrew was born in Blantyre in 1919.

I’ve attached a picture of my dad, his brother David and his father, David take in 1940 in the back garden of Maxwell Cres. It was lovely to hear from you. Thank you for taking the time to write back. Regards, Maureen Mulholland Byrne.”

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Bill Graham For Maureen Mullholland, I have a friend on my school web site called Kenny Beecroft, his grandfather wasJames Beecroft the councillor. I can put you in touch if you would like.

Helen Williams I remember a Mrs Mulholland that lived in Maxwell Crescent, she was our neighbour, I used to run errands for her. I remember her treadle sewing machine, she did a lot of alterations and sewing for everyone. Don’t know her first name as back the adults were always referred to as Mrs or Mr, never by the first name.

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  1. My great gran is also Cecelia beecroft Lamond my grandad is John Lamond Sarah’s younger brother

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