Livingstone Church Brownies 1947

I was very honoured and thrilled to receive a visit from Bill Beers back in January 2016, when he was visiting Blantyre away from his home in Canada. Bill had married Blantyre girl, Susan Wright, whose parents lived at Watson Street.

Whilst on holiday in Blantyre, Bill dropped by my home and he very kindly left me several Blantyre photographs and associated information about them. I’ll always have time for anybody visiting from abroad who seek to find more history about Blantyre or take the time and expense to drop things off to me.

One of the items Bill handed in was this photo of Livingstone Church Brownies around 1947. The Brown Owl was Mrs. Frame and Tawny Owl was Margaret Paterson. Although the children are unnamed, the photo was of such decent resolution, that I could scan their faces a little closer. These kids would now all be in their mid 70’s.

Do you recognise anybody?

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Carole-Ann Wright David McCreadie? Your mum to the right hand side? X

AM Beers Aye , and that wee stoater to the right of the mushroom is your other auntie

Brian Swanson njce Ken

Carole-Ann Wright AM Beers 🏼

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