Greenhall Brickworks

Mr. J. Wardrobe Moore was the business owner of the former Greenhall Brickworks, High Blantyre. According to Neil Gordon’s 2004 book a passage he found was lifted directly out of Strother’s 1912 Directory, “Access to the brickworks was by a track leading from the General’s Brig (Bridge) in Stoneymeadow up the hill, over where the current East Kilbride Expressway is, up through the woodland and along the top of the high bank of the Calder River towards an open field. The existing remains of the kiln and associated works can be seen to this day.”

However, I wish to point out this is a mistake in Stothers Directory that unfortunately looks like it has been carried by generations through last Century. According to the 1910 map the Greenhall Brickworks was actually accessed from Craigmuir Road near the Old Parish Church, in a far more Eastwardly location , and certainly nowhere near the Chainlink road or General’s Brig. What is described in Strothers Directory is more likely the Old Limekilns beyond Basket farm.

Pictured in 2012 by Alex Rochead, are what remains of the Greenhall Brickworks area today. A small stream rises from a spring on a small elevated position. Strange rocks, perhaps reacting to lime adorn the landscape.

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Greg Brownlie My house is made with bricks from there. You can see Greenhall High Blantyre stamped on them inside the fireplaces.

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