Bothwell Castle Scene 2015

A couple of photos I took back in September 2015, which I thought I’d share with you. This was back to a crazy time looking for the elusive Blantyre tunnel under the Clyde. I didn’t find the tunnel despite a few visits and some very hard digging in the alleged location, but I did stop for a few moment to admire how beautiful the Castle ruins are over the River Clyde. Views from Blantyre side.

The second photo ended up being a little blurry as my camera phone lens steamed up a little with all the hard work digging!

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Stephen Canavan I remember when i whas younger going looking for golf balls over at the old practice range at bothwell golf course along that way there whas a entrance to a tunnel will old sandstone bricks and stairs leading dont no if still there but it whas def when younger you went over bothwell bridge and went over wall at the left and recal a few hundred metres in the castle direction somewere in there

The Blantyre Project interesting. I had heard that the castle groundsmen blocked up something of that description. Wonder if it was the fabled tunnel.

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