Priory Right of Way


I took this photo whilst walking alongside the riverbank of the Clyde back in September 2015. Whilst walking along the trail, i looked up through the woodlands and was surprised to see an upper, elevated path, just as clear as the one I was walking on.

It occurred to me the upper path was the old route noted on maps from 1898 and was the right of way leading to the Priory. The path is only clear for a small part of the route south of the Priory, made difficult to pass by fallen trees and where the path has fallen near the slope.

I plotted on the map, the elevated route in yellow and roughly where I took the photo from. A lower path now exists on the wooded headland that was formed when part of the Clyde was blocked when  the bing collapsed in WW2. (see aerial).

The path is now deep inside the Priory Plantation and is not recommended for walking alone due to its remoteness, and dangers of being elevated with many trip hazards and above the fast flowing Clyde itself. It is likely over a hundred years ago, this would have been a most beautiful walk along the river in a much smaller and accessible wood.

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