Blantyre Boys Mystery Find



A few Blantyre boys made a most remarkable find in early October 1930.

Whilst over the river, roaming about Bothwell Castle in search of brambles, a number of Blantyre boys found a heavy Colt service revolver, part of a soldier’s uniform, and several other articles of clothing. Their curiosity was aroused by a ‘hidden’ brown paper parcel, and on opening it they found the revolver inside. The revolver was new.

A moment later they came upon a sleeveless soldier’s tunic with the numerals off, pair of trousers, pair of soldier’s puttees, a man’s soft cap, and a soft collar. William Scott, who resides at 135 Calder Street, Blantyre, took the articles to his father, who at once handed them over to the Blantyre police, who then pursued inquiries into the mystery. It is unknown who they belonged to and why they were there. One of life’s mysteries.

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