A heartless fine – 1930

I encountered a story recently, where I felt the authorities handled the situation very strictly and un-compassionately.

At Hamilton Court, on Saturday 10th May 1930, John O’Hare, a miner of 72 Forrest Street, Blantyre, pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to commit suicide.

It was explained in Court by the Fiscal that O’Hare threw himself into the Clyde. With great difficulty some people succeeded in getting the accused to the bank, but not before he was unconscious. John explained that what had happened was entirely due to drink. He asked for a chance, and a fine of 15s, or ten days’ imprisonment, was imposed.

Fining somebody who was trying to commit suicide regardless of how he arrived in that situation seems very strict and perhaps it would be dealt with differently today, by means of monitoring or helping his situation in some way.

Pictured is the Clyde sweeping through Blantyre in a beautiful photo from around 1900.

1904 The Clyde

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