Teachers Farewell 1971


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.46.59Mrs Margaret McConnell infant mistress at St Blane’s RC Primary School is pictured here in 1971 upon her departure from the teaching profession. She had been teaching there since 1957 and is pictured (centre) with staff and pupils after receiving her retirement presentations in July of that year.

Mrs McConnell had been teaching for 30 years. On the left of the photo is the then school headmaster, Mr Tom O’Neil.

On social media:

Elaine Petriat I remember Mrs McConnell. I thought she was terrifying!!

Catherine McCormack I had her in p1 and she was scary.

David O’neill Got the belt off her on my 1st day at school!

KellyAnn Maguire Ramsay Fabulous school, lots of happy memories.

Marianne Stark Aitken That looks like Margaret McCrory second in on the right Paul Waugh ??

Ann Crossar And Mr Savage the janny far right on back row. He was always full of fun.

Gerry Kelly My first teacher always had her pointer close by

Margaret Quinn That is Margaret McCrory my mum was friendly with her mum

Margaret Lindsay That’s our dad Martin Feenie Teresa Teresa Wilsonstanding in front of Mr Savage

Clare Graham Mark Raeside

Lori Macpherson Marianne Stark Aitken that is my Mum giving the gift to the headmistress 

Marianne Stark Aitken Lori I did not see that! Don’t know how I didn’t recognise her 💕

Lori Macpherson Lol, I was just scrolling down my newsfeed and recognised her wee face straight away. I messaged it to Mum and she confirmed it was her. Loving her 15mins Facey fame 

Peter Mcsorley I got the belt a few times of o,neil

Gary Morrison Is that wee John Feeney far right ?

Peter McCafferty Mr Savage……legend.

Karen King Helena Kelman think thats my mum in the pic behind mr O neil

Helena Kelman Karen King thats definitely your mum behind Mr O’Neill. You will need to show her it. Mr savage was a great jannie! X

Maggie Tonner McVeigh Had this very scary lady as my first teacher also must have been 1961/62 and the smells and memories are consuming me.The smell of Plasticine,Chalk Boards to write on,Tea biscuit at break and the Black Baby Card which if I remember correctly was Half a Crown to fill the wee boxes and then you got a Certificate….The pressure!

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