Clydesdale Oil Works


1936 Clydesdale Oil WorksThe Clydesdale Oil Work were located within Blantyre Village, near the River Clyde. The entrance was directly across from the Station Road entrance to the David Livingstone Centre. (Today it would be beside the flats at Anderson Gardens at the foot of Station Road)

The works proved a dangerous place, regularly catching fire. The company existed until the late 1950s and is not to be confused with the oil work elsewhere in Blantyre.

I’ve marked up a little map from 1936 showing where the oil works were. Today, a young woodland marks the spot, near the Clyde Walkways.

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Manny Devlin Thanks for letting us know this I walk down that way most of the time is nice to know about the past would never have known this

Alison Walker-Hill I don’t ever remember this site being referred to as Oil Works…..I always new it as the Dye works, then the Bleach works!

The Blantyre Project I wonder when the name changed to Bleach works. I’ll need to dig around more. wink emoticon

Elizabeth Anderson Cardoo I too remember it as The Bleach Works. I lived in the prefabs, bottom row just over the wall from it. Early ’50s Used to get sent for bottles of vinegar, always remember it being called non brewed condiment as opposed to malt vinegar. It was a scary place had to navigate through bottles stacked very high and the owner wearing big rubber apron and wellies, my cousin worked there then married himDon’t remember any disasters though, guess I was too young. was surprised to see on a visit back that the street called Anderson Gardens, often wondered if it was named after one of our family since two Anderson brothers lived there.

Archie Peat Anderson Gardens was named after James Anderson JP, Chairman of the 5th District Council in the1950s,who I think was your Uncle

Elizabeth Anderson Cardoo Archie Peat I thought it was after uncle Jim couldn’t see it being named after my dad Guy, but been away for so long have lost touch with his family, and you were my next door neighbour in Livingsone Crescent.

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