1971 Livingstone Centre playpark

A lot of local Blantyre people have fond memories of playing in the playpark in the David Livingstone Centre grounds. I did too, on the rocking horse and roundabouts.

These 3 lovely photos were taken in 1971 and shared online by Mary Crowe.  How nice it is to see photos again of the roundabout, the large chute and the frying pan climbing frame.

On social media:

Andy Callaghan No buses, balloons or streamers. Just a big crocodile of weans walking down Station Road from St Joseph’s Primary to David Livingston’s. School Trip 1954 style. And we absolutely loved it.

Michelle Devine I lived in station road the village so i was so lucky that i have all these memorys of the old park the way it use to be xx

Jean McIntosh Lots of fond memories. A swing park like this, in Blantyre, is a fond memory x

Jimmy Hislop I used to love the frying pan.

June Taylor Our full street used to have a day out there it was great happy days Hillview Drive friends and neighbours

John Krawczyk The witches hats were great

Helena Kelman I loved it here and the witches hat/frying pan/roundabout especially during school holidays. Loved the wee shop for sweets and ice lollies. great memories Karen King x

Karen King Remember the helter skelter?

Jane Scobbie My Lord I loved it down at Livvy’s. Great days and lots of running about, inside and out haha. Hated walking home though, always seemed to take for every.

Isobel Paterson Aw have great memories at livies

Chris Ladds I think I remember this one from a school trip, but only the roundabout was left at the time If I’m remembering right. One of my brankumhall neighbours growing up dressed up as one of the Victorian Maids as her job. 

Maureen Wood Used to go there from EK for Sunday School trip smile emoticon

Sharon Little Is there any old pics of the public park with the boat pond or the paddling pool?

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