Mystery photo from Rose Lee

A photo sent in by Rose Lee. The location is unknown , but the people are good old fashioned Blantyre folks.

Rose told me, “Amongst the crowd on this away trip, is 5th from Right is my papa Charles Boyle, 6th from right my gran, Rose Boyle. I can see my aunt Mary: 3 along from gran with handbag over her arm. The man 2nd from right is papa’s friend ‘wee Johnnie’!

Do you know anybody else?

mystery blantyre group by rose lee

On social media:

Lorraine Milligan Great photo Rose, I wonder where they were going!

Elizabeth Anderson Cardoo The great Lanarkshire tradition…fancy going on a bus trip…. We didn’t care where we went as long as it went out of Blantyre 🤗

Steven Johnstone Is that on stonefield road

Steven Johnstone Wild guess 1964.

Elizabeth Whitham Is that Janie, wee Johnny’s wife on your gran’s right?

Jane Johnstone Glasgow Fair! My auntie Jeannie filled a bus every year and took us to Blackpool for our holidays…we paid our own way, of course but everyone on the bus was related

Jane Johnstone 60s by the look of the bus!

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