Glasgow Tram Crash 1932


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.04.41Several Blantyre people were injured in a tram crash in Glasgow on Thursday 21st April 1932.


“Thirty people were taken to hospital the result of a serious street smash Glasgow yesterday (Thursday 21st April 1932). A motor bus and a tramcar were involved collision, the tram driver receiving serious injuries. A large number of passengers were slightly hurt.

The scene of the accident was at the junction of Adelphi Street and Rutherglen Road, and the following account of the happening was given by the bus driver, Thomas Reid, 93 Wellington Street, Motherwell, a few minutes after was released from his cabin. He said, “I was coming citywards from Motherwell and had rounded the corner at Adelphi Street when saw three children some yards ahead, standing near the kerb of Rutherglen Road. Right in My Path. Suddenly one of the youngsters broke away from the group and ran right in path. The kiddie was followed by one of his little chums, and then the third child made dive across the road in front of me. I applied mv brakes, skidded, and crashed into tho front of the blue tram which was going towards Rutherglen. I had a remarkable escape and have only received an injury to my hand.”

Joseph Reilly, 340 Adelphi Street, an eye-witness the affair, said he was in his garden when he heard the crash. He ran up to the crossroads and found the tram driver, Gavin Reid, completely pinned under the wreckage of the driving platform, which was completely demolished. The Tram Driver was unconscious along with others. Mr Reilly helped pull the nose off the bus sufficiently clear of the front of the tram to enable the tramwayman to released. This was not accomplished until after fifteen minutes’ continuous effort.

The tram driver was unconscious, and as soon as he was extricated was rushed in a waiting ambulance to the Royal Infirmary. Meanwhile the passengers in both bus and tram were thrown into state of great agitation, and a large proportion of their number sustained cuts from flying glass, while the majority complained of shock and some from bruising. There was some excitement when shouts arose that the bus might take fire!

Excited people in the street pulled the passengers from the bus via the exit door and two men were taken out through a window.

The driver of the bus had a remarkable escape. His vehicle was a singledecker, and when it hit the tram it was sufficiently low in the roof to pass right under the upper deck of the tram. a result, his cabin was undamaged, and was extricated without difficulty. The off front wheel of the motor bus was partially twisted, but apart from broken windows and the damaged radiator, the vehicle was otherwise intact. The tram, however, suffered more. The steelwork and motors on the driving platform were smashed to fragments, and the upper deckwork was wrenched asunder, testifying to the great force of the impact. The tram also suffered a partial derailment, and the service was completely suspended on the route for about threequarters of an hour.

Those who were treated for minor injuries at the infirmary and then allowed home included:—- Gavin Reid, tram driver, Street Bridgeton—Head and leg injuries: John Kyle, 45 Cowdenhill Circus, Knightswood— Fractured arm: Robert Morrison, 93 Gloucester Street, Glasgow—lnjuries to hand John Peebles Street.

The Blantyre people inured were David Jeffrey, 135 Main Street, High Blantyre: Mrs Johnstone, 16 Morris Crescent Blantyre; Mrs White 171 Stonefield Road and Agnes White, 171 Stonefield Road Blantyre.

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