Livingstone Shrine Windows


1932-the-shrine-david-livingstone-memorialIf you’re ever in the shrine room in the David Livingstone Centre, (when it re-opens), you’ll see some beautiful stained glass windows.

These were donated and unveiled on Tuesday 26th April 1932. Ministers and ladies numbering over 40, belonging to the United Free Church of Scotland met in the shrine room at the Livingstone Memorial in old Blantyre village that Tuesday afternoon to hand over gifts from their Church, i.e the two stained-glass windows.

The presentations were made by the Rev. J. Sommerville Smith, Moderator of the General Assembly of the United Free Church of Scotland , while the windows were unveiled by Dr. Forrester, and a dedicatory prayer was offered the Rev. Charles Robson, Alloa. The gifts wore accepted by the Rev. James I. M’Nair, chairman of the Livingstone Memorial Trust. The windows were designed by Miss Chilton, Edinburgh. Mr J. Forrester-Paton, of Alloa, entertained the company to tea.

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