Archibald Stewart of Crossbasket



Archibald Stewart was born in 1589 son of John Stewart and Margaret. He was knighted in 1613 by King Charles I and became Sir Archibald Stewart.

The Lands and Barony of Blackhall are mentioned in numerous charters issued by the Stewart kings. The family seat was in Renfrewshire. ‘Blackhall Manor’ (pictured) is the oldest house in Paisley. It looks like a 16th century house, but elements of it may be as old as the 14th century. It was renovated in 1982 to create a modern home. The first house on the site of Blackhall Manor was built in the 12th century by Walter Fitzalan, High Steward of Scotland and 1st Baron Renfrew, who also established Paisley Abbey. The house was originally used as a hunting lodge as it was then in the midst of the Forest of Paisley. The Steward’s chief huntsman had his residence nearby on “Hunter’s Hill”. The place name of “Hunterhill” is still in use today.

1613 – Archibald Stewart married Margaret Blair on 15th April and had children Walter Stewart of Pardovan, John Stewart of Blackhall and Ardgowan and Annabella Stewart shortly after.

1619 – Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall bought Crossbasket lands from The Lindsays, including the tower, which bore a small resemblance to his previous Manor house.

1621 – His wife, Margaret died aged 26.

1624 – He married again to Margaret Home, daughter of George Home.

1630 – For an unknown reason, Sir Archibald Stewart sold the lands of “Korsbas” or “Crossbasket” to Robert or James Baillie of Park. He had owned Crossbasket for only 11 years.

Extract from “The History of Crossbasket Castle” (c) by P Veverka.

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