Auchinraith Vaults Rammy 1932


Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 14.27.38I like to think of High Blantyre as being a quiet part of town, but that was far from the case in May 1932, when 4 men appeared in court charged with assault of each other in a High Blantyre pub!

The four men were:
Peter Rooney, junior of 11 Victoria Street, Blantyre;
Anthony Barrett, miner, 32 Maxwell Crescent;
Charles M Quade, miner, 5 Maxwell Crescent; and
James Beecroft, 240 Main Street, all of High Blantyre

They appeared on a charge of disorderly conduct in the public-house known as The Auchinraith Vaults, High Blantyre, which we would now know today as “Matt’s Bar” on Main Street.

The men had indulged in throwing bottles and glasses each other. Rooney and Barrett admitted the charge, and pleas not guilty were tendered  by McQuade and Beecroft. Evidence showed that in the public-house, an argument arose which led Beecroft to ask if Rooney, jun., wanted to pick a quarrel with him. Rooney’s reply was in affirmative, and Beecroft then refused to fight. A general melee followed, during which two dozen bottles and about one dozen tumblers were smashed. Beecroft was badly injured, and it was stated that for time he was lying unconscious under the table.

The Fiscal said he could not hope to convict either McQuade or Beecroft despite evidence that they should have been. Those 2 men were discharged but unfortunately, the other 2 Blantyre men caught the judge on a particularly harsh day. Rooney and Barrett were each sentenced to 60 days imprisonment for the bar brawl, the Sheriff remarking, “I’m going to put a stop to this sort of thing.”

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Hugh Sanaghan It was fond of a wee dust up or 2 was old Matts

Michael Mcquade Ma granda charlie, known for the odd scuffle, apparently he was very handy with his fists

Thomas Barrett My granda’s brother.

Ray Couston “…an argument arose which led Beecroft to ask if Rooney wanted to pick a quarrel with him.”
– “WANTAE GO?!”See More

Trisha Mcginty I think they should bring that building down now, it’s looks as if it’s ready 2 collapse

Rita Johnston A Jimmy Beecroft was a councilour in the thirties

Kenny Beecroft You’re right Rita , that was my dads uncle Jimmy , councillor in Blantyre for many years . Now has a street named after him ” Beecroft Place” in the village.

The Blantyre Project a few stories about Jimmy coming up in the next few weeks, thankfully a little better than this one. wink emoticon

Kenny Beecroft HAHAHAHAHAHA ., I’ve been brought up on all the tales of him and other family members , but I look forward to reading them . 😀😀😀

Karen Paterson my relatives  

Stephen Kelly We all drank in Matts for years great times had in the gaff

Tracie Mcghie Greene My uncle Jim had matts for years xx

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