Unknown Blantyre Betting Man


Unknown Blantyre Betting man

Unknown Blantyre Betting man

This photo was sent to me in November 2015, by Yvonne Houghton. She asks, “Hi Paul. I was looking in amongst my gran pictures looking for something for an aunt and came across this picture. I was wondering who it was or if anyone knew as my family are all from Blanytre”

I have to say the identity of this betting man, is unknown to me, as is the decade. Does any reader recognise this man, where it is or what he’s up to. It would appear to be one of Blantyre’s early bookies, judging by the bets he taking on the board.

As a possible clue, i did find a horse called Carino running in 1956 in Scotland, but thats assuming these odds were for horses in the first place.

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Gary Doonin Dog racing has 6 dog races but the odds on show don’t give to dog racing ,never heard of that bookmaking name . Famous bookmaking names in Blantyre in past !willie Smith ,ginger Mccaully ,cornfield ,mulholland ,tommy Clark ,Cunningham

Andy Callaghan In the 50s there used to be an open-air bookie in the Dandy near Cowan-wilson Ave. His board was nailed to a tree. We used to get a penny or tuppence to run up with neighbours’ bets on a wee bit of paper. All bets carried a nomme de plume as off-trackSee More

Graham Anderson Brilliant, a bookie down the Dandy sounds a great place.

The Blantyre Project thanks gents. Very interesting. The words “No cuff” does that relate to “tic”?

Gary Doonin On the Cuff yeah means credit tic on the slate . Never heard it used at tracks more used in card schools . An interesting thing if a price was chalked up and a heavy gamble came in the clerk for bookie would throw a big wet sponge at the board to wipe the numbers off rapidly .when a dog or horse was gambled heavily they used to say “it was left without a chalk Mark ” .interesting thing at Blantyre Dog Track in 50s we had the worlds first ever Triple Dead Heat 3 dogs coming over line together .

Higgins Martin he’d be skint pretty quickly at those odds in a 6 dog/horse race…… and i’m not an expert on old photo’s, but there is a certain degree of “one for the camera” about the photo…… he doesnt look as if he’s working, if you know what i mean, although it is still a smashing photo from a bygone age…..

Gary Doonin Plus the board doesn’t look like the traditional rails bookie board nae coin or chalk holder and every bookie I know always wore an overcoat even in the summer ,I’ve never seen this look on a local bookie mibbee he’s a Kentucky or Florida bookie

Michael Mcginley Andy I think the bookies name was Terrie Connolly he used to bookie at the back of Tommy Morgan’s Shop in the village until the police raided him ,he then went up the dandy and nailed his board to a tree and as you say he was raided again lol

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley My uncle Wullie Slaven had a bookie shop next to Russo’s, before that my dad his brother was his runner,then worked in shop on Saturdays, remember oor pat and I going in and getting big tin of penny’s, memories x

Jane Johnstone I believe an uncle of mine ‘ran a book’ very common way back when….

Moyra Lindsay Could be a photo sent home from abroad?

Gord Fotheringham Definately not terry Connolly……just happen to have just watched a video of him in oor hose on viewfield ave…….he did do book behind Morgan’s and the dandy……

Margaret Neil Mckeown Ann would thus have been the summers x

Ann Watson No sure they had bookies next to Matt Bowles pub but think mam has pics of them don village from 30 or 40s

Margaret Neil Mckeown She does but wasn’t sure when it was x

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