Family Photo with Jock Murdoch

Thanks to Jim Brown for sending in this photo. Jim says, “This my Granny with her sisters and brothers and my Great grandmother.” 

Jock Murdoch is at the top left, who owned the shop in High Blantyre Main Street, of the same name. The date is unknown, but perhaps the 1950s or 60s.

1960s murdoch by Jim Brown

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Helen Williams I remember Murdoch’s shop well. Don’t know if it would have been Jock, but he came out of Murdoch’s shop, my wee sister was choking on a sixpence, she found in my mums purse, and he managed to free it.

The Blantyre Project good on that man!

Bill Graham Was that across from the nursing home nr Auchinraith road?

The Blantyre Project yes Bill. Directly across from it on the south side of the road, not far along from Matts Bar.

Bill Graham It was sold to the Smith family, some time in the 60’s, He was Brittish but if I remember correctly his wife was American, their son went to High Blantyre school with me in the late 60’s

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