1542 Vellum Indenture Document

This was spotted on ebay auction site in November 2015, although at £1,245 it was somewhat out my price range!

A historically interesting and extremely rare Henry V111, James V of Scotland and Mary Queen of Scots period, vellum document,. Dated 25 August, 1542, featuring Latin Script and beautiful calligraphic art work. There is the word ‘Incarnationis’ which would I believe, refers to the Feast of the Annuciation

Two of the names mentioned:

Alexander Weddell or Waddell 

Thomas Hugonis Notarius (In the Charters and Other Documents Relating to the City of Glasgow, Scotland,  there is a Thomas Hugonis regali notarius listed).

However, for Blantyre……There is also listed: A Thomas Hugonis, 1543 in the Priors of Blantyre (later Commendator of Blantyre) which was the head of the medieval community of Augustinian cannons based at Blantyre Priory Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Document dimensions (maximum)  14-1/4″ x 9-3/4″ (36.19cm x 24.76cm)

Condition: Very good for a document around 472 years old.

To put this in context, many historic events took place in this year of 1542….including the following.

13th February 1542: The fifth wife of King Henry V111, Kathryn Howard….. was executed at the Tower of London.

12th July 1542: Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor declares war on the King of France. King Henry V111 of England was allied to the Emperor…… James V of Scotland and Sultan Suleiman were allied to the French


24th August 1542: The Battle of Haddon Rig….Scotland defeats England .

24th November 1542: The Battle of Solway Moss. The English Army invades Scotland and defeats the Scottish army

14th December 1542: Mary, Queen of Scots becomes Queen Regnant at the age of one week, on the death of her father James V of Scotland.

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