Todd’s Building, High Blantyre


Pictured here in 1905 and again in 1954, is Todd’s Building. A former stone, double storey tenement building which used to stand directly across from the large tree at Priestfield.

Facing and opening directly on to Main Street, the building looks likely to date back to the 1880’s, the land bought from the Jackson family of nearby Croftfoot Farm (my home!) The tenements are shown on the 1898 map of Blantyre next to the large house (Loch Ryan Cottage) that we now know as McLean’s newsagents.

Todd’s Building was home to the Todd family of bakers. In the late 1930’s Alex Todd was a judge for bread in big competitions in London. Another family member, Robert showed poultry at competitions.

In the 1960’s it was a small cafe owned by Mr MacDonald, the far end was a doctor’s surgery, and round the back, where the McLean ginger works were, was Mr Messer’s yard (he was a plasterer and slater). Just past this building was the wee tin Baptist Church, which was originally a billiard hall, owned by an Italian gentleman. It was bought by the Baptist Church in 1912 for £100. Upstairs during the 1960’s was Mr Seton, the plumber, who now lives in Broompark Road.

There is a possibility that the building was officially known as Nelson Place (or similar to that) with that name written in a square on the right side of the building.

Todd’s building is no longer there, but is the spare ground next to the little carpark entrance to Kirkton Park.

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Marian Maguire Looks nicer than today.

Trisha Mcginty My mum stayed in a tenement building next 2 the post office now

Greer Hogg Brilliant picture Paul, good to see what it used to look like.

Margaret Elma Griffin Top picture this is High Blantyre Main Street of my childhood love it

Henry Hambley Great picture. My father always spoke fondly of Todd’s the baker, although I suspect that in the 1930s, that it was basics rather than fancy cakes which were being bought.


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