The Blantyre Grace by Jimmy Whelan


Some hid Jam and some hid spam,
Others they hid poated heid,
The only thing you had to choose,
Wis, pan or plain breed.

Monday to Thursday, Irish mix grill
Roasters chips, wae cornbeef hash
Homemade soup wae loads of dookers,
Friday suppers ’cause yer da hid cash.

As ye sit here at this table
Stuffin yer big roon face
Bow yer heid and please partake
In appreciation of “The Blantyre Grace”

J.J.Whelan 2010

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Jimmy Whelan Cheers…

The Blantyre Project well done Jimmy.

Jude Wolf Excellent!!!

Gordon James Bell Brilliant

Trisha Mcginty My daughter won 1st prize 3yrs in a row way Rabbi Burns competition, she was the first out of all of Glasgow, so I’ve got Troofies & Meddle’s on my Mantalpiece

Isobel Richardson Very good Helen

Michael Wylie Upon yon hill there stood a coo
But it must be awey
For it’s nay there the noo
(One of his unknown ones!!)

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