Good news for miners


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 20.38.42From the Hamilton Herald, on 21st October 1892.
Transcribed and shared here by Wilma Bolton

“Messrs Merry and Cunninghame, who have already a large number of miners employed in their Blantyre Collieries, propose sinking two shafts in a field in Calderglen estate. Already a large number of men are employed and the seat of the two shafts, while a large extent of ground has been secured for sidings. The work here is being rapidly proceeded with, the ground for the erection of the pitheads has already been staked off, and it is expected that the operations for sinking the shafts will be begun within a very short period. The collieries will be called “The Priory Collieries,” owing of course to the proximity to Blantyre Priory. Immediately to the east are to be the two new collieries about to be sunk by Messrs Baird & Co. Branch lines are also to be formed here and have connection with the main line on similar plans to those of adjoining collieries.

In reply to an inquiry it is stated that an immense field of coal underlies this ground, but at a depth of about 200 fathoms, while it is also stated that excellent freestone is also to be got. It is emphatically stated that there is so much solid coal between Blantyre and Newton between the Caledonian Railway and the Clyde as will provide plenty of work for many more that the present miners for fifty years to come. The result of the present operations will give employment to over one thousand miners.”

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