Glasgow Road 1979


1970s Glasgow Road by J MGuirePictured in Winter 1979 is Glasgow Road, looking eastwards. In the background Stonefield Parish School and Annfield Terrace have been demolished already , as was the fate of much of this street in Blantyre that year.

A time when the Police roamed around in Ford Capri’s .The Co-op buildings are prominent in the photo, but its the little shop in the foreground many people will hopefully remember.  Where the Sun House chinese is , was then Ariel and Art Cabs, which was also previously known and remembered as “The Copper Kettle”. Photo courtesy of James McGuire’s collection.

Whats your memories of these businesses or this location?

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Gordon Dennis Was the taxi place ,a chip shop once

Anne Mckillop Yes it was Mussetis and then McInallys,if I remember right

The Blantyre Project A little further down in the main 2 storey Block where Peters the Butchers is, was also a chipshop at one time. Tenants of the house above that shop had to make a hurried escape, when fire broke out in the new fish and chip shop at 249 Glasgow Road, BlSee More

The Blantyre Project's photo.
David Jamieson I’m more excited about the Police Ford Capri 

Priory Inn The god old days before traffic lights everywhere..

James Cross I can’t believe this photo.The police had stopped there to inform my tradesman and I that our rear lights were not working on our van.The blue one further down the rd.We were on our way to a reported burst pipe at the rear of the co-op.We were working at the time for james Ritchie and sons I think at that time they were still based at portland place in hamilton,across from the gas works.They laterally moved to Glasgow rd in burn bank the last time I was over I think it was a what every one wants….Thanks for the memory.

The Blantyre Project Amazing social history James. A moment in time captured.

John Paterson The Chinese restaurant was there think it was called the sha-tin

Brian Fisher I remember my mum used to take us in Maddens across the road whilst she bought wool and the dreaded Mr Biggins dentist…

Selina Paterson Maddens….. My mum bought me a many of dresses in that shop 

Peter Kelly Was Peter Craig the butchers around there? And to the left, on a wee bit further, Stepeks on the corner of Station zRoad.

Linda Ritchie I remember maddens and other shops closing on Wednesday afternoons!

Irene Welsh I got my 1st baby’s Pram from the coop in 1979. I also bought a single from the coop every week with my pocket money as a teenager in the late 60’s. A record single by the way, not a fag lol) The cooperative sold everything in those days. Nice, happy memories

Alistair Gibb Like these old photos ,it certainly jogs the memory. 

Paul Burns Brought back some memories, my dad worked as a cabbie out of Aerial & Art, would have been around the same time as the photo was taken.

Helen Gaittens My mum Annie (Reynolds) Gaittens worked in The Copper Kettle for a bit.

Lisa Murray Cookson Is this between burnbank and blantyre

The Blantyre Project right in the heart of Blantyre Lisa.

Stephen Allan The Sun House began in 1976 as I have just looked at a menu and it says on the front of the menu. It must have been the Shat In before the Sun House

The Blantyre Project excellent. Like firming up dates. That was very resourceful Stephen. Well done.

Marianne Stark Aitken Was the Shat in not on High Blantyre Main Street in the 80’s Paul ?

Margaret Hill No it was Glasgow rd marianne x

Marianne Stark Aitken Ahh thanks Mag I’m sure the one in High Blantyre had an equally funny name way back xxxx

Margaret Hill Probably remember that one well though x

John Krawczyk Sun house was good

Stephen Allan Still is John.

Margaret Wilson the sun house was a fish and chip shop as Maggie bell owend it with her husband

Stephen Allan It must have been a chippie before it was the Shat In which is now the Sun House.

Nichola Leigh Andrews Aww wee Glasgow road lol x

Gordon Dennis Thank you for your replies,i was sure there was one there ,remember going going in after coming out broadway.long,long,ago

Catherine Murphy My mum worked in the emporium in the Coop they sold furniture and up stairs they sold records yous to like listening to the music they also sold carpets and lino everyone would shop at the Coop for your messages and the Co butchers

Carol Crombie The yellow car nearest to us – pretty sure that belonged to my dad!

Gary Scott Is that shop across the road what used to be colins dad’s shop? Colin Mcintosh Sheryl Scott

Annie Miller Scoular I left in 1961 where did all these cars come from

Karen Rodgers Loving the jam sandwich  This reminds me of my childhood. I would have been 4 

Davy Starrs looks so alive.

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  1. The copper kettle!!! This would be my treat after an appointment at the eye hospital in Motherwell. I would always have a slice of lemon meringue pie with my mum Nan McInally. Wonderful days. I’m sure the excitement of going in here for tea and Miss Cranstons sowed the seeds of my love for tea rooms today.

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