Rosendale 1971 Painting


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 15.38.14A Painting taken from a 1971 photo of Rosendale, Low Blantyre. The Blantyre building has been captured in watercolour by an unknown artist and shows Glasgow Road in the foreground.

Today, the scene would be much of the Gavin Watson Printers building. (formerly Reids)

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Sheila Park I love this site. I just work across the road in Forrest Street. Fascinating stuff.

Marion Robertson Remember going to the fairground at Rosendale, happy days.

Colin Duffy My mum Barbara Beaton was born there in 1941 and gran and grandad Margaret Beaton and James Beaton stayed right up to the 50s

Gerry Walker I was born there in 1960 before moving to Craigton Pl a few years later. Outdoor toilets and a big sink as a bath. Plenty off room out the back to play though.

Susan Walker Graham Gerry Walker we lived at no.1 Edna n Joe lived at no.2 do you remember the shows at the back when they came x

Gerry Kelly My parents lived in no 1 from 61-65

Gerry Walker Gerry Kelly I think we lived in the bottom right flat. I was only there until I was 3 then we moved. I think I was too big to sleep in the bottom drawer anymore

Susan Walker Graham Yes Gerard we did live bottom right..your memory is good

Gerry Walker Not really. I`m not as old as you. Remember you`re life has spanned over 7 decades now.

Susan Walker Graham Cheeky bandit oor Gerard x

John McCourt Born at No 2 1951

Andy Callaghan Remember you well John. Your mum used to babysit me when my mum was working. Also remeber you at St Joseph’s.

John McCourt Hi Andy, good to hear from you, great days in Rosedale, playing kick the can, fighting the Springwell squad across the Railway (except maybe pal James Faults) going long walks with my Uncle Bill 

John McCourt Rosendale even predictive texting 

Andy Callaghan Aye, those Springys were a scary mob, flingin’ ballast stones over the railwY fence at us.

David Mcintosh I was born in no. 3 Rosendale Place in 1942.I remember the Queens Coronation party in 1953,it was held out in the street in front of the building.Im sure everyone who lived in the building was there.

Andy Callaghan Happy days Davie. I have a clear memory of that party. I got a wee plastic beaker full of caramels.

Margaret Mary OSullivan I was just a wee baby then! Wonder if I was at the party!

Andy Callaghan We lived at number 1 until 1954 (I think). And yes, I remember when the shows would come to the park behind the building.

Robert McLeod-Wolohan i remember it very and the old auchenraith club was up along side it if i remember correctly.

Jean Orr I lived there with my brother Walter don’t know what number & left on 1959 or 60

Susan Walker Graham Gerry Walker wel do you remember going round the back of the pub on the corner and removing the beer bottle lids that used to have cork on the inside and we would make badges with them ??

Anne Callaghan Any pictures of the old co hall along that part if town ?? I remember they used to have Scottish country dances there – great fun !

Margaret Mary OSullivan I used to go to Scottish country dancing classes there on a Friday night.

Helen Walker Auchinraith club at end of building.Kelly,s bar across road as seen in painting.the old building in front of Rossendale not shown

Susan Walker Graham The co hall was the next street down if I remember right..I used to go to the country dancing there with Miss Liddell on a Friday night

Carol Crombie Going by all the photos and pictures it must’ve been a gorgeous building at some point – such a pity it wasn’t respected and maintained properly.

Marion Jones My aunty Marie and uncle Joe mccue stayed in one of the flats loved it there.Had lots of fun at the fair when it came every year ,good times x

Gerry Kelly I have the original of that.

Wullie Bell Remember it well thats when Blantyre was full of character it was across from dog track


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  1. Hello Paul

    On your subject of Blantyre paintings I thought you might like to have a look at two which though no grew works of art have pride of place in my home.

    One by A.G Reid of the bridge in the Calder Glen and the other of Stonefield by a Walter McDonald. I remember my mother Nan McNally buying the latter from an art exhibition in the building at the bottom of Logan Street where she ran the local playgroup during the 70s and 80s.

    Kind regards

    Isla Arendell (nee McInally)

    1. Isla – That would be fantastic. Is there anyway of emailing them to me or letting me take a photo of them? Both sound intriguing. Thanks.

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