Post Office Dating Stone


1953 P O close upI posted recently about Low Blantyre Post Office, built in 1954. The dating stone on the building however, showed the commission date of 1953, along with of course the Royal Mail insignia, quite iconic for the postal service.

Pictured here in 1955, not long after it opened is the Blantyre post office insignia stone, set into the top of the building.

When the building was later demolished, several Blantyre people were interested in acquiring the stone, to protect and ensure it didn’t get put in a skip. Amongst them was Blantyre man, Jimmy Cornfield. Jimmy had struck a deal with the foreman of the wrecking crew, and when he returned with the cash he was told the deal was off, the worker saying his boss has told him it wasn’t for sale and that someone else had taken it.

The location of the stone is unknown, but perhaps another local person beat Jimmy to the prize! Thanks to Gordon Cook for this information.

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