“Heavenward” by unknown


maxresdefaultA poem by an unknown Blantyre person dating from 1940. I can’t help but feel it has some cheeky overtones.


I dreamt that I died,
And to heaven did go,
I knocked very gently,
And bowed very low,

I said: I’m from Blantyre—
My, how they did stare!
“Come right in” said Peter,
“You’re the first one from there!”

Unknown. Blantyre Gazette. 1940.

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Eleanor Duncan Nailon Brilliant lol

Moyra Lindsay My dads cousin seemingly wrote poetry for the Gazette. I’ve been trying to find a poem my dad used to recite at new year about The Gordons. Highlanders that is. I don’t know his name or if he even wrote it. I’ve tried the Gordons website but no luck. This is a great wee poem btw.

The Blantyre Project I’ll keep a lookout in any Gazettes for that Moyra.

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