1981 Glasgow Road at Station Rd


1982 Station Road by James McGuireAnother great photo from James McGuire’s Collection. This time from around 1981 at Glasgow Road’s junction with Station Road.

I’m sure people will remember Stepek moving to the grocers at the corner of the building, which is now a barbers. Talking of which, pictured also is Jimmy Cleary’s barbers shop on the left at Station Road. Gallagher Grocers is pictured in this era. In the 1950s and 1960s it was formerly called McWilliams.

Vince’s would be a fond memory for many Blantyre people, facing out on to Glasgow Road, now Grahams, the chip shop. What’s your memories of this area?

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Jeanette Allardyce Ward I remember it wen it was Gallaghers grocers. My aunt worked in it, my cousin would come to the shop with her and Billy Gallagher would run us to school

Jimmy Whelan Spent many a night outside The chip shop, although we called it Berts (Bert Lombardie) late 70’s

Sheena Thomson The grey building used to be my uncle Charlie McGuigan’s betting office The Blantyre Project when did Jimmy Cleary close down at this location? Always meant to ask his family that.

Liz Boxall Agnes Hamilton ‘s fruit shop and Mauchlines newsagent … Were in the row of shops !

Bernadette Watt My aunt worked in Gallachers sure there was another one at the other end just by Mauchlins

Bill Graham I thought Jimmy Clearys barbers shop was in the building opposite Harpers garage?

John Krawczyk Remember all the shops there very well. Jimmy was our barber and a really nice man, mauchlins for the Sweets when you were a kid and the chippy was great,my dad won and lost at bookies and a telly from Stepek.

James Dunn Not clearys his was down the street. Wasdemolished next to central bar Jon Fallon was in it

John Krawczyk Jimmy cleary was next to the bookies here

Stephen Allan He moved next to the bookies when his shop on Glasgow Road next to Fallons was demolished.

James Connolly Andy mcnamee had the barbers shop before he and jimmy clearly joined up after jimmys shop was demolished to make way for the Asda development which we were assured would change Blantyre for the better! Even before McNamee I had my hair cut in that shop by a guy called frank who may have been polish or ex German pow. Didnae matter what you asked for you got it cropped right intae the wid. Great days ah!

Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Remember birrels across from there next to odeon,which is the credit union now,penny trays and lots more for the pictures,or Agnes Hamilton’s cola jublies and pomegrantes x

Elaine Campbell McQuade Yep Jimmy Cleary shared with Andy McNamee on Station Road but much later than this picture – it was a barber called Frank who used to visit my dad at home to cut his hair when he was ill with dementia. I don’t remember Gallachers but remember the chippy, Mauchlines & Agnes Hamilton’s in for a jubilee before the Broadway. My it seems like a whole other age. X

Helen Lawson Taylor many a time spent in Vinces listening to the jute box and eating chips and drinking coke out of glass bottles .

Wullie Bell The barbers shop was Andy mc.nemees not jimmy clearies jimmy work with Andy

The Blantyre Project really? Why was the shop called “Jimmy Clearys”? Was he leasing it from Andy McNamee?

Isobel Paterson Getting a penny single fag from Vince’s ,then into the fabulous Broadway eh Anne Gilmour Callaghan x

Michael Mcginley When John mclusky and Jimmy worked in the barber’s

Stephen Allan Don’t remember John McClusky but I do know the name Andy McNamee.who worked with Jimmy back in the early nineties as that is when I went their to get my haircut.

Duncan Slater This was my old stomping ground, I lived in #1 Priory Street ( our door faced the main st.) from 1937 to 1952 then moved when I married the best looking girl in Blantyre.

The Blantyre Project Your family must have been one of the first tenants in those Priory Street homes Duncan. Their constructed was delayed in 1936 by adverse weather but the first 20 of them had been built along Glasgow Road and up into that new street by 1937.They were bSee More

Duncan Slater We moved in September 1937 I have a picture taken with my sister Sadie and Mum holding me. We had lot of great neighbours, I am still in contact with a few happy days

Carol Crombie I remember the grocer shop – the door on the corner then there was one at the side and back to the door on the corner. Obviously different businesses but odd all the same.

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  1. The barbers was McNamee’s then Frank who could only cut your hair one way………..cropped !! Went to the Saturday matinee in the Broadway and used to play the penny fruit machine in Franks afterwards.
    Mauchlines was brilliant for my matchbox cars and small kit planes.
    He was always dressed smartly usually in a nice check sport jacket.
    Loved getting my penny and tu’penny bangers in there as well in the run up to Guy Fawkes.

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