Kingfisher’s Return to Calder

This is a nice story. It recently came to our attention, that back in August 2015, Blantyre man Jim Brown captured a few photographs of a Kingfisher down the Calder. The less common beautiful bird was spotted “fishing” quite happily, in the Rotten Calder River.

Let’s hope this is a return of this lovely bird to a natural local habitat. Our green spaces around Blantyre really should be protected as much as we can. I hope Mr Kingfisher found a wife and had a family this year! Well done Jim.

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Margaret Brown Burns All wildlife should be protected

Jean McIntosh Lovely picture

James Stirling nice shot of a kingfisher ,the river calder has cleared up really well since they redirected the shit pipe that shot into it from the sewage works at east kilbride ,there are plenty of minnows in the water for them now so there is a good chance they will breed

Christine Wallace Fantastic photos Jim!

Jane Maxwell They are beautiful birds.


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  1. The Kingfishers have been around the ‘bottom’ end for a good few years now, I’ve also witnessed otters and mink, oh and big trout.

    1. You right Gerry also large dragon fly I. Have caught some big trout

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