Dixon’s Underground Mine Maps

These illustrations were from a book called “Lanarkshire’s Mining Disasters” by Matt O’Neill. As the title suggests he has carried out research on many of the Lanarkshire’s mines. Matt has included copies of underground maps for most the mines in his book.

Attached are 2 illustrations for Dixon’s No. 2 and No. 3 1877 Pit Disaster which are quite detailed but don’t cover as large an area as the original maps. He may have had to cut back to fit them into his book. Also attached is the Dixon’s 1879 explosion a couple of years later. Matt O’Neill has since died following the publication of this book.

The maps detail the underground mine workings, some of the underground roads named, for ease of navigation. Of a darker nature, the bodies and names of the people who died are marked out showing the location they were found. It is an intention of mine one day to transpose these kind of maps on to modern aerial photos to show just the extent these underground workings covered and where in relation they are no modern features above ground. Thanks to Alex Rochead for sharing these quality scans.

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