Craig Street & Glasgow Rd 1979


1979 Craig St Glasgow Road by J McGuireTaken in January 1979, during a particularly cold spell, James McGuire’s excellent photo attached shows the end of an era for Glasgow Road. This is Harts Land, just before being demolished. On the far left, the Central Bar, on the far right, the Cosy Corner, looking across Glasgow Road and up Craig Street. Families that lived there included The Lynches. To the right of the building just out the picture is Greenside Street.

To show just how much this scene has changed, here is where these building once stood.

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Sarah Williamson I’m trying to figure out where this is! Did Craig Street used to run all the way down to the park (before Asda was there?). I was born in 81 so before my time 

The Blantyre Project being a high blantyre man, this is even difficult for me to remember or imagine now.

Irene Dickman I remember the building being there. Remember listening to stories about The Cosy Corner from my dad,Harry McDade,that was his favourite haunt.

Jim Selfridge Used to have a drink in the cosy after playing for blantyre thistle down the public park

Gary Buchanan The bold tyre

Julie Tabor Yeah I remember this . How time has changed

Elizabeth O’Donovan I remember Cleary’s the hairdressers

Dennis Kane i lived across the road in the 60s, next door to clearys was a wee shop i think it was called peters, my mum used to by me icecream on a sunday…….. fond memories.

Matthew McGuigan I lived in 32A Craig Street from 1955 until 1959. Five of us in a one bedroom flat and it was bedlam. Jimmy Cleary had the barber shop and Peter Valerio ran the ice cream parlour/cafe. Happy days?…no it was pretty miserable actually  smile emoticon

Moyra Lindsay Matthew McGuigan did you live in the building just below the church? My dad was born there in 1917. His sister lived there in the fifties.

Matthew McGuigan No it was the building next to Gibsons shop. There wasn’t a church on Craig st.

Liz Doonin There was a Church on Craig street across from the Welfare. Lived at 56 Craig Street

Anna Carroll That’s right Liz we stayed at 58 church across the road
Liz Doonin Didn’t nurse McFarlane live next to the church


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  1. Hi Mrs Doonin I’ve sent a friend request to you on face book my name is jean hamilton was norris your right there was a church in craig street and my grandmother was nurse macfarlane i was born in that house and remember the doonins you stayed in the house across the road then i think you moved to the glasgow road and we moved to hamilton when my dad joined the police i.m not to up on computers so not sure if you’ll get this please accept my facebook request my email address is hope to here from you

  2. I was born in Craig Street number fifty five my grandmother’s house she was a midwife her name was Nurse MacFarlane

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