1984 Stonefield Road


1984 Clyde StarAnother photo from James McGuire. This time 1984 at the bottom of Stonefield Road.

Who can remember on a Friday evening picking a VHS (or even a Betamax) from Clyde Star Video, and heading home hoping it wasn’t a video nasty! Chalmers Wallpaper shop was just out the picture, although by this era, it was the Red Lion pub. Look how lovely the streets are, so clean and well kept, although the scene is let down by the dereliction of the apartments above the shops. People may remember Benams and McIntosh Carpets in this block. Other businesses over the eras in this scene were Mickeys, Lightbodys, Robt Richardsons, Butcher, McCallums, Chalmers Emporium, Hugh McCorgary, the Laundrette, Blacks Bakers & Tote Bookmakers. Before McIntosh is was a drapers and next to Benham was Sharps which sold electric fire places etc

No Blantyre retail parks then. This was our shopping.

On social media, an outpouring!

Alan Barclay Not forgeting abacus upholstery at the end on the left

Ian Park Remember pre booking the first batman film when it came out on tape had to get my mum to go up with me to get it because I was to young to rent it
Oh and they gave me a movie poster to go with it
Childhood memories 

The Blantyre Project When did Clyde Star move to Glasgow Road? Thats probably a good indication of when the buildings were demolished. 87? 88/?

Stephen Allan No. Clyde Star moved much later. The buildings were demolished about 92/93 and I think that is when Clyde Star moved to Glasgow Road. I remember when I was about 6 in 1991 being in Clyde Star on Stonefield Road. The Clyde Star sign was green then with a picture of bugs bunny on it.

Eddie Campaigne used to be mc Callums grocers wullie Norris grocer opposite

Julie Milligan Maybe a wee ghostly face peeking out from the top of the boarded up window above Clyde star too lol

Catherine Sneddon Lots of memories John Richardson moved to here when the shop was demolished on Glasgow road and the baby shop next to red loin xx

Stephen Allan McIntosh carpets was on Glasgow Road where St Andrews Hospice is now.

Stephen Allan My ex next door neighbour Rita Calder had a shop which was one of the shops on that side of the bottom of Stonefield Road. I think it was a cafe.

Suzanne Cronin Carole Mackie Rickard was the there a butchers there? X

Carole Mackie Rickard I don’t think so…I remember a grocers on the other side of the road but not a butchers. At the very end of the road is Mickeys Cafe (it’s not very clear in the pic) – our Papa was born in the flats above x

Suzanne Cronin Ah ok….I just remember Dad alway stopping to get square sausage before we came home and it looked familiar x

Carole Mackie Rickard Just looked at the pic again and can see a butchers next to the video shop, but I can’t remember it! x

Suzanne Cronin Well I think that was where we used to go. ..funny the little things that you remember  love square sausage! X

Carole Mackie Rickard Your memory is better than mine. If we meet up in the summer, I’ll bring some for you  x

Suzanne Cronin Iceland do it. …but it’s not the same x

Linda Laird Richardsons was the butchers xx

Carole Mackie Rickard Linda Laird thanks, that’s familiar. Oddly, our Papa who was born above Mickeys was Alec Laird – he was a barber. Maybe there’s a connection there with you (or your husband)? x

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