Matt Boyles House – demolition 2008

High Blantyre Publican Matt Boyle lived at 306 Main Street, a neighbouring property to my own. His home was demolished during the last week in May 2008, to make way for the building of 12 new flats (Lomond View). Jim Brown captured the moment on camera, when excavators ripped the house down. Such a prominent house at Kirkton, with a substantial piece of land must have had a dedicated name. If you know what it was, please let me know. Thanks.

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Ray Couston I hate seeing buildings like this getting demolished to make way for cookie-cutter houses and apartment buildings. I’m sure some renovation work could’ve revived this home. I suppose it’s all about money, though. I’ve lived down Priory Bridge all my days and I thought my house was small. These new builds the last 15-20 years, you couldn’t swing a cat in most of them.

Emma-Louise Hay I don’t know how bad the inside was. I know it was trashed. My neighbour in schoolhouse lane at the time chased many a teenager out of the place. They were thoroughly going at it with bats etc:(
Ray Couston Ahh! That’s horrible. I think I remember hearing something about this back then. unsure emoticon

Emma-Louise Hay We could hear them if we were out in the street having a chat (you can do that in a large culdesac) at night, or in his garden. His house was on the other side of the wall.

Kenny Mallan I lived across the road from your family until you were about two, I remember your parents moving in (you obviously weren’t born yet) I used to pester the life out of your dad to get going walks with his dog (Cindy) he was always dead good about it lol. I met him about 8 years ago in the Knights club. Still a nice guy 

Ray Couston No way! That’s nuts! I remember my dad telling me about a boy who lived on the street who always wanted to take Cindy walks! I’ll need to tell my dad I was talking to you! Haha! smile emoticon

Kenny Mallan Aye do that, I left there when I was ten, I think your wee sister (Jenny if I remember right) was born a short while afterwards. It was a good street to grow up in back then, I’d have preferred to have stayed but I don’t think the people that bought ouSee More

Marion Coulter Smith That would have been been a lovely house to stay in. Hate when they knock lovely buildings down

Sandra Boyle It was a sad day when this grand old house was knocked down. My husband Matt Boyle is the grandson of the publican Matt Boyle who owned the house.My husband spent a lot of his childhood and early adulthood in this house. The house was named Parkhurst which was the name Matt Boyles wife Elizabeth Fenton chose. They moved into the house from Morris Cres in the early 50’s. The church nearby tried to purchase the house as a manse for their minister but they failed to gather enough money to purchase the house and this was when Matt Boyle bought the house.

The Blantyre Project Brilliant history Sandra. I’d love to know what it was called before Parkhurst. A house like that would have been known by its name, rather than address. 

Sandra Boyle Paul, the only info that Matt knows is that it was a woman who had the house before the Boyles

Helen Robb What was so bad with it, that they demolished it, or was it just for the land. It was a lovely house, yet that ugly, bricked up cottage thing across the road is still standing. If I remember correctly, there used to be another cottage type house as well, and one was used as a hairdressers for a while, away back in the middle 80’s. Xxx

The Blantyre Project A large piece of land probably proved too tempting for developers. The wee bricked up house across the road was built in 1823 and is likely the oldest house on Main Street (aside from my own!)

Sandra Boyle The shop across from Matt Boyles was Mrs Skellys who sold loads of different things.
Matt Boyles house was stayed in by Uncle Matthew Boyle for many years. Unfotunately he had to move for his own safety & security. House was sold as a residential property. Sad that its not standing now.

Helen Robb It is very sad Sandra. It was a beautiful building. I was gutted watching it being demolished. Lol I knew my memory wasn’t that bad, there was a shop. Thank you for confirming that. I used to see the hairdressers, as it was at the time, on my way back See More

Jean McIntosh If that house was sound on the outside it could have been renovated, I remember it and it was a solid built house.

Sandra Boyle It was Jean McIntosh … Solid throughout , sad sad that they chose to put flats,it was sold as a house

 Terri Gardner I was gutted when i saw this getting pulled down. Walked by it all the time with my dog and saw it getting worse frown emoticon always hoped someone with more money than a kid like me would have taken it and brought it back to a nice house but guess whoever did figured developing the land was better…even when the flats sat empty for ages too
Sandra Boyle My husband was and is gutted that this house has gone, many many happy memories at Xmas.

Marian Maguire Th at was l lovely garden full of wildlife, wee fox Cubs etc, I used to watch them from a window in schoolhouse lane. Real destruction for money as usual.

Kirsty McLean I loved this house used to pass it on the bus every day. Was sad to see it go. We all should’ve done a community buy out and use it for something useful for the local kids. Excellent thought now it’s gone lol

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