He carried him home

Victoria Street

Victoria Street

A boy , Charles McGuinness aged 5 was run down and sadly killed when he ran out into the road at the labour exchange, where scores of people had been standing on Friday 27th January 1933. He had been running from Victoria Street on his way to school when the van accidentally ran him over, trapping him between the mudguard and the wheels. He had been a pupil at St.Joseph’s RC School. Some of the men at the labour exchange took Charles to a nearby doctor’s home, but by the time they arrived, the boy had died.

Charles’ distraught father (Charles Snr) came to the house where he had been taken to, shortly after and confirming the grim situation, carried away the boy’s lifeless body, back along Glasgow Road to his home at 60 Victoria Street. (which are now modern shops at Victoria Street, near the chemist)

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Laura Ross Jeddidi  so sad

Marian Maguire Oh my god what a sad situation for the family and everyone involved. Poor we boy.
Terri-Louise Young Charlie was my Gran’s brother, this happened 6 days before he turned 6 and his big brother Willie was with him at the time…He didn’t speak for a year after the accident! A sad story we all know in our family as my gran keeps a lovely photo of Charlie on display in the house!

Catrina O’Donnelly Oh, how sad

Christine McHenry Yes, Terri-Louise Young I remember my mum telling me about how her big brother died, my mum was only 3 when it happened. X

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