Priory Street 1970s


1970s Priory Street at Glasgow Road. Shared by Drew Semple

1970s Priory Street at Glasgow Road. Shared by Drew Semple

A photo next, shared by Drew Semple here a while back.

Pictured is a rather busy Glasgow Road from Priory Street, at a time in the 1970s, when it was still open to traffic at its junction with Glasgow Road. In the background, The Broadway Cinema, Stonefield Tavern is still recognisable in the foreground. Shops were Machlines, Vinses (Vince Lombardis), Gallaghers. Drew’s cousin, who took the picture from his home, is Duncan Slater. Looking at this closely, I’m sure there must have been something going on, or pictures coming out or in. It looks really, really busy!

Gallaghers was formerly McWilliams from 1958 until 1971. Mrs McWilliam stayed open late to sell sweets for the cinema.

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Jude Wolf I was 10,I remember it as if it was yesterday,William Trussler

Mary Frances Lyons My gran annie mcgurk and auntie libby mcgurk lived in 3 priory St in the late 70s early 80s I’m sure this is there garden. I remember playing in that wall as a child. Looks so different now. X

Jeanette Allardyce Ward This is where I grew up, number 18

Gord Fotheringham That was the busiest corner in Blantyre in my day

Anne Grogan Great to see photos of our old town.

Lynn Cameron Iolanda LombardiUmberto Caruso 😀

Jimmy McAllister Get a jubilee at mauchlines then into the Broadway, those were the days.. BRILL

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Stevie Park

Stevie Park Great photo but think this is 60s not 70s

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Emma Trevethan

Emma Trevethan Loved going to the Broadway good days .. Also in those days Blantyre had two pictures halls now there’s none that’s progress Xx

James Shevlin


Stewart Willis

Stewart Willis My gran had Hamilton’s fruit shop , used to work in it at weekends when I was a wee boy. Bert Lombardi had the chip shop. Chippy has never been the same since. Mauchlines the paper shop used to be my favourite place to spend my hard earned money. Think I may have had all the match box cars in the place. Cecil

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Helen Mclaughlin

Helen Mclaughlin God i forgot about the jubilee before going to pictures. Memories eh

Rae Brown

Rae Brown Wow brilliant photo but think it was earlier than 70’s was Templetons grocery store not on the corner where the Broadway Cinema sits late 60’s Which is now the credit union?

Stephen Allan

Stephen Allan The photo looks earlier than 70s by looking at the cars and what was Machinelines or was that meant to say Mauchlines? I remember Mauchlines in early 90s but can anyone remember the guy who owned it back then and what his name was I think he took over the shop from Mauchline.

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Alison Kennedy

Alison Kennedy Was it the Weirs that took over?

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Marion Robertson

Marion Robertson Fiona Glen might know, who took over Mauchlines ?

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Stewart Willis
Stewart Willis It’s a dark blue Bedford van that’s sitting outside me grand fruit shop.

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