Drowned in sight of companions 1932


1932 Pay Bridge, Blantyre

1932 Pay Bridge, Blantyre

Underneath the suspension bridge, on Friday 12th August 1932, Adam Hunter (12), of 5 Murray Place, Bothwell, was drowned within sight of his companions at Blantyre. The boy, in the company of two other lads, also from Bothwell, left home to bathe in the Clyde between Bothwell and Blantyre.

Choosing a part where there is a sandy bank, the boys played in the water for some time when Adam Hunter was apparently seized with cramp, and before assistance could procured, had disappeared from view. After about fifteen minutes the body was recovered by Allan Hughes, 93 Station Road, Blantyre.

Denness, Bothwell, and Hutchison’, of Blantyre, applied artificial respiration without success. The body was afterwards removed to Bothwell Police Station.

Pictured in an artificially coloured postcard of the same era, the sandbank on the Bothwell side under the (older) suspension bridge can be seen. RIP Adam Hunter.

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