Doyle Family at Finmeoot 1940s


1930s Caldervale Doyle Family. Shared by H Reilly

1930s Caldervale Doyle Family. Shared by H Reilly

Helen Reilly shared this photo which shows people of Caldervale (Finmeoot). Helen added, “This is Edward “pony” and Helen Doyle with family. Michael, Catherine John, Ann, Bernard, Ellen, Mary. They all stayed in Caldervale until they moved to Blantyre itself in 1950.”

The photo is likely 1940s.

How smart everybody looks. Perhaps a sunday, or wedding?

On social media:

George Melrose That’s my Grandfather John in the middle.

Matthew McGuigan Then George, are they related to Peter and Katherine Doyle who used to live in Millands Avenue? if so I was their next door neighbour. Also you must be related to my best friend from the 60’s Jim Melrose as he also came from Finmeoot!

George Melrose I’m not sure my mum Delia Doyle would be able to help you out there. As for Jim Melrose yes he’s my uncle.

Matthew McGuigan Is Jim on face book George?, I guess you were named after his dad then, wee geordie eh? I used to go out with what would have been your auntie Agnes God bless her (Jim’s sister). Jim and me were best mates for years as kids and went to guitar lessons together. He was crap at it then, hope he has improved since

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  1. Jim Melrose is my Uncle, he has 2 younger brothers Robert & William… He also had 2 sisters (both deceased) Agnes & Margaret. His brother William is my dad. Geordie Melrose was my granda. My brother Geordie was called after my granda & I was called after dad’s sister Margaret – the George Melrose who has commented on this post is my younger cousin (son of Robert, who originally married into the Doyle family).

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