Cinema Adverts – Blantyre 1955

On 21st September 2015, James Meechan handed in a Blantyre Gazette edition fro 1955, directly to my home. I copied it, and within 24 hours had it returned to him, at his home in Newton. Old Blantyre newspapers tend to be a goldmine of information for Blantyre Project, so it was with sincere thanks, that I was able to write up a few articles, using information from that paper.

I found the adverts for the Blantyre cinemas, particularly good, and certainly must install some nostalgia for many Blantyre people. From 1955, an advert for the Broadway, and one for the Blantyre Picture House. The tagline for the Broadway, noting it being “The house of distinction”, perhaps eluding of its rather more grand status, than the Picture House at the time.

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