1954 Blantyre Engineering Football Team

A dark, mean and moody photo of Blantyre Engineering Football Team, taken in the mid 1950s. I’d hazard a guess this was at Craighead Park, with the Engineering Building in the background. Do you recognise anybody?

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Stevie Mclean goalie looks like bill mcadam goin by other photos i,ve seen!!

Alan Lappin Did you not play in this team Koj? 

Stevie Mclean ah wiz playin way third lanark that day.

The Blantyre Project looking at this a little more closely, there are letters on the building in the background, which may say “Hamilton” I’m beginning to think the location may be “away”

The Blantyre Project This has now been confirmed to me as being the Public Park. The Engineering buildings are indeed in the background as the article suggested, but from the other side, looking towards John Street. (Thanks Jimmy W)

Lesley Bethel 2nd on the left, back row , looks like Robert Bethel.

Esther Valenti Second on the bottom right is Jimmy Mulholland my father in law x
1954 Blantyre Engineering Football Team

1954 Blantyre Engineering Football Team

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