1977 Thomson’s Christmas Party

Continuing a festive look at some of my own family photos. Very difficult sorting through them all to choose a few memories. These two are fondly remembered. Its December 1977, and the venue is Thomson’s Christmas Party. My dad worked for an electrical contractor at the time and this was their festive party. Recognise anybody?

I’m the wee boy, right at the front dressed in brown tanktop and yellow shirt (as folks did in the 1970s)! I look a little older than some of the kids, despite being only 6. My lasting memory of that kids party was the arrival of “The Wombles”, Three or four adults dressed as Wombles, to the excitement of us all. Being me, i noticed one of the Wombles had the same Seiko watch as my dad and only later in life, did i find out one of those Wombles, was indeed my dad dressed up.

I’m sure we all have fond memories of the parties we went to as children.

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