Tale of Two Christmas Trees


Christmas Tree at Kirkton, Blantyre by RDS 2014

Christmas Tree at Kirkton, Blantyre by RDS 2014

Pictured here a year ago in December 2014, is the High Blantyre Christmas Tree at Kirkton. I like this very atmospheric photo shared by Robert Stewart. It captures serenity and a festive atmosphere, but I also like it as its close to home. For me, the Christmas tree symbolises a focal point for our community at Christmas time.

Did you know, thanks to the efforts of all members of Blantyre Community Committee, we’re the only South Lanarkshire town who are given TWO Christmas Trees in December, symbolising perhaps High and Low Blantyre. The tree in Stonefield Public Park brings the community together at the festive event and is part of the festive lights switch on.

This tree in High Blantyre, of similar size, always looks very pretty, with a decent amount of lights (again through efforts of the Committee), and provides a focal point for the busy junction at Hunthill and must look very nice from the front windows of Kirk Care. I wish each and every one of you all, a very Merry Christmas.

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