Outside the Red Lion Pub 1970s

Pictured in the mid to late 1970’s are a group of Blantyre folk, outside the Red Lion (Sammy Maxwell’s Pub) at the bottom of Stonefield Road. Some well known faces in there.

1977 Outside Red Lion Pub, Stonefield Road

1977 Outside Red Lion Pub, Stonefield Road

John Rundell, John Robertson, Joe Bailey, John Law, Hugh Murray, Hugie Sanaghan, Ben Meechan, James Mcilwraith, Joe Mckie, Jackie Ryan, Harry Smith, Lizzie McGauley, James Lennon (RIP) , Henry Kelly, Gerry Meechan, Ernie Dolan and Boomer Flynn. John McKeown centre back.(RIP)

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Margaret Brown Burns Great photo

The Blantyre Project is that a tin roof on the building across the road in the background?

Margaret Lappin thats the cobblers across the road

Kate Mcinulty Great old pic x

Priory Inn 17 names but 18 people, who’s missing?

Alan Lappin Hugh Sanaghan

Jamie Boyle i went to school with James Lennon and his sister betty thay where nice

Irene Whalin My dads name is missing. John McKeown centre back. RIP XX

The Blantyre Project Thanks Irene. I’ll make sure i add that in on the main website.

Irene Whalin PS. Nickname “Cone”

Anne Quinn Some well kent faces x

Lynn Elizabeth Docherty My uncle Ernie Dolan x

Mhairi McGaulley Auntie Lizzie McGaulley married John McBride. Ann Marie Connelly Betty Brown Karen Fallon

Brenda Murphy James Lennon RIP a great bloke, in touch with his sister in NZ now

Annie Dunsmore That is a great pic recognize my brother right away great pic

Lynn Elizabeth Docherty Me too Aunt Annie spotted him straight away xxx

Elizabeth Biswell So woderful to see this picture with my very handsome twin brother James lennon who was sadly taken from us by a terrible accident. This picture stirred some wonderful memories and of course tears. Love you always my amazing twin. Thakyou for posting this picture

Elaine Feeney I think my cousin Brian MacNamee is in this

James Hughes Think this may be the Red Lion fitba team. Certainly features my big cousin James Lennon, a superb athlete. Used to see them play at the pitches from the pool windows at Blantyre Sports Centre. James was renown for his “throw in” being a champion sportsman at javelin. Remember a few of the faces too. Great photo. The Adidas Shirt style might help with the date.

John Sullivan Uncle James, great man and a brill guy, last time I seen him was at my grans, gone but never forgotten.

Brenda Murphy I went to school with them too Jamie, Liz is in NZ now we keep in touch. A sad loss to the Lennon family and tae Blantir, as I said tae Liz I wish I had been in Scotland longer had a big crush on James smile emoticon

Kevin Law It’s weird seeing your father with less grey hair than yourself.

Jp Sanaghan The broke the mould when they made ma wee da

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