Website Upgrade coming soon

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.17.00For the last few weeks, each evening, I’ve been working on upgrading the Blantyre Project website and just about ready to launch the exciting changes!


Whilst the layout already lends itself brilliantly for navigation, the pages were getting so large with near on 2,000 articles, I needed to split things further into separate areas and dates. You’ll see some changes to the structure. This is good news, for you guys as viewers as you’ll see further sub sections to the site, all uniquely in chronological order, which is very important i think for the user experience. Keeping the date order was important, as anything other that that ends up being a hap hazard with little order or logic.


Some parts of the new design will be a lot more pictorial and I’ve been working on enhancing the navigation further. How the site handles future photos (and indeed the 5,000 Blantyre photos already on there), will be changing too, to make it more user friendly and interesting. This is linked to an exciting announcement I’ll be making about Blantyre Project nearer Christmas time.

Domain Name

The domain name remains unchanged. Having the actual word “Blantyre” in the domain itself is a priority to ensure all search engines pick up on that (as the most frequently searched term associated with this town.) I’ve also spent some time making posts, articles and photos more search engine friendly by embedding further code.


Several collections of posts have already been grouped, eg Blantyre Pubs, Blantyre Mining, Blantyre Farms etc. These collections have now been added to to make them more complete, offering the user a more pictorial way of navigating through them.

I like spending time working on the website, wishing the site to be as informative, user friendly and interesting as possible.  I hope you like whats coming.

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