Death of an honest Blantyre man


1930s Rutherglen Railway Station

1930s Rutherglen Railway Station

A serious accident which occurred during a dense fog towards the end of February 1930, at Rutherglen Railway Station, when a large number of passengers were seriously injured, was recalled by many upon the later death on 4th May 1933 of Mr. Donald Macintosh the signalman, who resided at 75 Morris Crescent, Blantyre, after a prolonged illness.

At the Board of Trade inquiry which followed the accident, Col. Trench and others conducting the inquiry highly complimented Mr Macintosh on the straightforward and honest admission of having committed an error of judgment.

Despite the error being admitted, in railway circles, he was recognised by the officials as a man of the highest integrity, and even after the accident they recognised his work by retaining him in the service, and transferring him to a porters position at Blantyre Station. The strain of the accident ultimately told severely upon Donald’s health and throughout 1933, he had laid aside, through illness. Mr Macintosh was 61 years of age, and left a widow and grown-up family. He was also a highly-respected office-bearer in the Anderson Church of Scotland, Blantyre. Pictured is Rutherglen Railway Station in 1930s.

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