Spectator dies at Blantyre Football Match

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 12.22.50During a Football match, a cup tie at Blantyre between Blantyre Celtic and Irvine Victoria on Monday 15th May 1933, some sensation was caused in the crowd of spectators when a man collapsed and died.

John Ferns, (69), of 101 Station Road was seen to fall when standing immediately behind the Irvine goal. At that particular moment, he was lighting his pipe. He was carried to the pavilion and a doctor was quickly in attendance, but Ferns was dead. When his body was being carried, play stopped and the players stood lined, to attention. Ferns left a widow and grown up family.

Pictured for illustration only is a 1930’s football crowd in happier times.

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Wullie Bell That was junior football at its best

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