1960s Blantyre Old Parish Women’s Guild

1960s Old Parish Womens Guild

1960s Old Parish Womens Guild

Believed to be the 1960’s, here is the Women’s Guild pictured at High Blantyre Old Parish Church Hall. Sent in by Betty MacFarlane. Do you know any of these people or able to more accurately date the photo?

I’m aware there is a gentleman in the photo, the couple at the front seems to be a focus for this photo. Perhaps a celebration for them?

Update: Jean McLean, a reader of this website told me, “The guild photo shows May Mc Lean and next to her is James mc Lean who was her father in law.  May was married to his son Tom who was session clerk. The lived in Millardale which is an original weavers cottage at 45 Hunthill Road. I think the ladies on the left could be mrs Shaw ( Mays mother ) and Mrs mcLean her mother in law.”

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Henry Hambley I think the lady in the picture is May MacLean, wife of Tom MacLean who was session clerk.

The Blantyre Project Did you have a son called Mark?

 Elizabeth Weaver The hats look more late 50s to me – if it’s the 60s, probably very early on, since women stopped wearing hats regularly after that. I’m pretty sure that’s the old Church Hall and it actually looks like one of the regular Basket Teas the guild used to hold – women would offer to host a table, and then bring everything they needed from home – so instead of the church crockery, you’d have their best china, their own baking, flowers for the table from their own gardens, etc. Then they’d sell tickets to women they knew, so you’d have groups of friends round each table. I think it was quite a competition to see whose table was best! I’m puzzled by the outfit the woman at the front is wearing but perhaps it was part of a Christmas sketch they were performing? Sometimes there would be entertainment at these evenings.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann None of the faces look familiar to me from the early/mid sixties

George Mackenzie I agree with Liz that this looks more like the 50’s My mother Agnes Mackenzie would be in the guild around the time this was taken and for many years afterwards but sadly I don’t see her in the picture.

The Blantyre Project The minister at the event was Mr George Dale who began his ministry in 1957 and stayed for 14 years. The photo is definitely Parish Church Halls, so it could be after 1957. I love the fact that people can track dates from fashions of the time.

George Mackenzie I must be missing something as I only see one man in the photo (the man at the front) & that’s not George Dale

Elizabeth Weaver No, Mr Dale isn’t in the pic, George Mackenzie, but he would be the minister at that time if it’s late 50s. I suspect your Mum and mine were in the hall when the photo was taken – and probably yours too, Margaret Nimmo Lehmann.

Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Yes, more than likely she was there Liz.

George Mackenzie No doubt Liz

Jim Cochrane Mr Dale was good friends with my Grandfather I believe .He spent a lot of time at Calderside and Basket and the other surrounding farms.I think he was really a farmer at heart.I believe he even kept cattle in the glebe.

Jim Cochrane
 I think I recognise one of the ladies nearer the end of the table on the right corner wearing glasses.I think it is Mrs Spier’s (Frame) my cousin’s Gran. She lived in the end cottage at Allers Farm up into the right at the castle avenue across from the Grants on the other side of the road. She worked for Bob Chalmers on the farm.
Jane Johnstone Looks like my Auntie Jeannie at the back left side!

Karon Wilson Knox The lady at the front is May mclean. She was my next door neighbour. Husband was Tom mclean. They lived in Hunthill road next door to Ann McLaren hairdressers (who was their daughter) which then became weaver’s gallery

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